For Distributors:


In what countries does Lanopearl have sole distributors?

We have sole distributors in Thailand, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia and Indonesia.
Note: some countries are sole distributors for some brands only. Please contact us for more information.


Which are Lanopearl's most popular brands?

Our main brands are: Mt. Retour certified organic skin care range which is certified by Australian Certified Organic and carries the ACO certification logo. Mt.retour products are produced in our organic farm in the Blue Mountains and have Cert. Organic factory 11551P certificate. Mt. Retour is available online or from selected department stores, day care spas and duty free outlets.

Lanopearl Bio Peak these premium skin care and anti aging products have the highest amount of herbal extracts of any other skin care brand in the world. Lanopearl focuses on anti ageing skin care and producing the latest skin care technology.

Rebirth Placenta Cream this is the most popular placenta cream in the world which is available internationally.


What other brands does lanopearl have?

Lamusco Detox this is available in health food stores and is targeted to our health-conscious market. It helps with detoxification and prevention of illnesses to achieve total wellbeing.

Life spring health
these are a range of affordable vitamin supplements available from health food stores.

Purarose is a range of general skin care lotions which are affordable and effective.


How do you qualify to be a Lanopearl distributor?

To qualify as a sole Lanopearl distributor we require the following:

To qualify as a sole Lanopearl distributor we require the following:
4.1 You will need to register Lanopearl as a company name e.g. Lanopearl (Thailand)
4.2 You will need to have a show room and warehouse
4.3 You will need to be strong in your sales, marketing and promotional activities
4.4 You must commit to being a distributor for a minimum of 5-10 years
** You can get more specific information from our "summary of lanopearl distributor"
section or by contacting Lanopearl's head office

How is Lanopearl different from other companies?
1. Lanopearl is committed to quality and safety. It has its own organic research farm and factory and is focused on using the best quality ingredients and newest technology for its range of skin care and anti-aging products
2. We are the market leader and pioneer in Placenta skin care products in Australia and Thailand
3. We have an extensive range of products that include both health and beauty. We also focus on offering high quality products that are affordable
4. We work to become your long term partner aiming to "grow with you"


What returns can we expect as a Lanopearl distributor?

5. 1 A return of 10-15% per year can be expected (e.g. invest $100get dividend $10/year)
5. 2 In the start-up phase do not expect to get a return in the first two years
5. 3 Dividends should pay two (2) times per year to share holders
5. 4 Expect sales to increase by at least 15% per year
5. 5 Your operating costs will be very minimal
5. 6 Expect a profit margin (GP) before expense of at least 45%
5. 7 Your marketing budget should be at least 10% of your profit margin
5. 8 Your brand message must be strong and consistent
5. 9 We offer profit sharing for staff and agents
5.10 We offer very high customer support and after sales service
5.11 We have very experienced staff and have board management support and experience (share holder)
5.12 We offer a very competitive advantage as we have our very own certified organic farm and factory


What key strengths does Lanopearl have compared to other companies?

We focus on high quality and safety. We also have our own organic research farm and factory where we source all our native Australian botanicals that go into our products. We are the market leader and pioneer in Placenta skin care products in Australia and Thailand.

Our aim is to work to become your long term partner where we are focused on helping you grow as Lanopearl grows and increases it distribution around the globe.


If we are a distributor for Re-Birth do we automatically receive distribution for Lanopear?
We prefer one distributor for all our products and we look for a long term partnership. So yes if you stock one of our brands we want you to stock all of them, provided that your sales are strong and you focus on developing the brand through your own sales and marketing.

Minimum Order


What is minimum order of sole distributor?
Having a minimum order is not the most important criteria for becoming a Lanopearl distributor. We are more interested in you becoming profitable by achieving a certain amount of sales.

The minimum order will be different for each country for example small countries minimum order should be $ 20,000 per year while a minimum order of $50,000 per year is needed from large countries.


Our target is to have a purchase order of AUD 14,000 ~ AUD 17,000 per month for initial orders then this can be increased.

What do you think is a reasonable target for the first year?
If you are operating in Malaysia and you have a target of $17,000 per month this can be achieved if you have strong sales, marketing and promotional team. Although for the first year it is more realistic to have a target of AUD$10,000.

Support from Lanopearl

What is minimum order of sole distributor?
We help our new distributors by offering samples that can be handed out to consumers to try. It is best to request your samples when you put through your first order.

We also supply sachets that can be used for promotional purposes, although the amount we hand out is limited. If more are needed then these are offered at cost price.

Advertising - If you have a clear business plan for the first year's forecast we help you with 20-30% of your advertising costs. We also offer you products at a lower cost which allows you to do your own advertising.

The advertising material we supply includes brochures in both English and Chinese although we cannot translate these to any other language. You can also request advertising artwork to support your advertising campaign.

Exhibiting - If you plan to participate in an exhibition please provide us with your plan and budget as we may be able to support you.

Training – to help with your product training we will provide you with a manual that will give detailed information on each product from our range. For a cost of AUD$2,000-$5,000 we can also travel to your country to provide training to you and your staff.


Will Lanopearl provide any further support for promoting its products?

As we do not have enough resources we can't offer alot of support. The best help we offer is to give stock at low prices which gives our distributors enough margin to do their own marketing. Once the brand is established you will see rewards within 3-5years and after that period it will be easy to run the business.

To operate profitably you will need to gain at least a 40-45% profit margin (GP) and then spend approx 10% of your profits on marketing; your operating costs should be less than 25% of your profits to enable you to make approx 10% net profit.

This figure is based on a business model from Thailand. We suggest that our distributors have a similar business model. The best strategy is to do some market research to determine which products would sell well in your market. Please also contact us if you require assistance with this.

How do we apply for certification to sell your creams and vitamins?
Please check with your country’s health department on how to apply for certification and give us the list of what you need. Once we have this information we can prepare the documentation for you.  Generally creams are easier to gain approval for. It is much harder to gain approval for vitamin products.

How much does it cost to apply for certification?
Usually the cost is not high depending on which country you are from. Although China does have a high cost for exporting. We can prepare most of your documents free although we would need to charge for embassy stamp, Australian industry stamp and notary public stamp.

How long would it take us to prepare your documents?
If the documentation is not complicated it can be completed within 30 days or up to 60 days. Please allow longer just in case there are any problems e.g. labels need to be changed to meet the requirements for each country.

What do we do if the health department needs clinical studies, test result and data to prove the anti-wrinkle claim of rebirth products?
We have not done any formal tests on our anti wrinkle products as this is not usually needed in the Australian market. If we were to do research with the Sydney University it would cost approx AUD$15,000-$20,000.
If you do require clinical trials to be conducted please send us a sample of the test you need so we can evaluate your needs.

Are you able to prove that Re-birth is a leading brand in Australia?
The tourist market in Australia is not big although we do know that we are the number one selling placenta brand as we are so unique in this area. Depending on which country you are from labels on bottles may need to be changed. For example saying that Re-birth is good for cell production is not allowed in Malaysia and certain ingredients mentioned must have more details. Please contact us so we can discuss your specific needs.

What happens if we do not get the export certificate? Can we still import?
You cannot import but you can buy small amounts of our products through DHL or hand carry on the plane. By having a small amount of products you will be able to try the market first.

During this period (6-12months) you can give Lanopearl a deposit of ($5000-$10000) the deposit will be used for the first order after your approval (we will return the deposit if your application is not successful).

Can I register a Lanopearl website in my country e.g.  
Yes with our permission. Your final web design must be approved by Lanopearl to ensure that you are consistent with our branding and corporate identity.

Once I have my website can I start to sell online?
Yes, you can if you have our approval although you can only sell online in your own country. Although please be aware that price for online sales is different in each country.

How does Lanopearl market its products?
Our budget for marketing is at least 10% of all profits after sales.
We have an experienced sale team to help our retail outlets
We distribute a quarterly newsletter and/or email news to all our customers
We create a promotion every 2-3 months with a free gift
We offer good customer service to support products
We conduct price comparisons and market research to analyse the market and do a competitor analysis to improve are marketing and promotional activities

How do we get artwork from Lanopearl Australia?
Lanopearl provides artwork to its distributors. Although there is a cost involved for the graphic design work. Otherwise you can pay a yearly cost of AUD$1,200 for all our artwork. Artwork supplied can be used for newsletters, posters, signs, advertising, shelf design, picture library, award designs, testimonials and interviews etc.

Do I need to supply my artwork to Lanopearl Australia for approval?
Yes we request that you submit all artwork to Lanopearl Australia for approval. We will need to check that the correct corporate colours and the right corporate identity is used.

How will I prepare for a sales promotion?
You need to prepare in advance what promotion you are interested in doing e.g. new year (gift basket) Chinese new year (5% money credit if you buy more than $ ? ) Mid-year sale, mother’s day , father’s day. Please order products in advance including the sales gift you want to include.
Start to plan your promotion at least three months in advance to ensure everything is ready.

Does Lanopearl use celebrities to promote its brand?
Yes, in Thailand we are negotiating to have celebrities endorse our products. Although we believe that customer’s testimonials, brochures and sales campaigns work just as well.

How do we ensure strong sales for Lanopearl?
To ensure continuous strong sales it is important that you personal use our products and listen to your customer feedback. Also every process of the sales, marketing and public relations must be handled professionally, this includes promotions, advertising, customer complaints and returns, shelf displays and exhibitions.

Can we make another product in our own brand?
We prefer you concentrate on promoting our brand only.

Can I sell other brands from different companies?
Yes, if products are not simular otherwise both brands will suffer. As we offer many products and brands you will have sufficient products to choose from and won’t have the need to have competing brands.

Can I share your formulation with anyone?
No. Any information about the company and its formulations is strictly confidential and any legal action will be taken if you breach this confidentiality.

How can we manage a sales team?
It is vital to have an experienced sales team who has knowledge in the health and beauty industry. Ensure that you provide plenty of training to your sales staff including three days training at the end of each month which includes new product training, promotions and research.

How do I determine which price to set for products?
To set the right price it is important to conduct some market research to check competitor prices which have a simular positioning to Lanopearl.  You will also need to ensure you have enough of a profit margin (>45%).

Can I set the price high and then lower if sales are not good?
It is best to have a lower price and increase the volume of your sales. To encourage customers to buy products you can do a promotion where a free gift is included. Also if you are selling alot of products you may be entitled to discounts from Lanopearl.

Should I reduce my price for big customers?
You should always take very special care of your big customers and treat them like VIP’s. The best strategy for your big customers is to give them bonus products – for example buy 10 and get one free.

How often will Lanopearl increase its price?
Lanopearl does not increase its prices often, some items are still the same price they were 10 years ago. Although sometimes price changes are out of our control for example if oil prices rise then we need to increase our price. We will inform you of any price changes one month in advance.

Can we find out how much other countries are selling their products?
Yes if you are interested to know what your neighbouring countries are selling Lanopearl for we can send you their prices. We can let you know how much Australia, Thailand, Malaysia and Hong Kong sell their products for.

How often do I need to do an exhibition?
To help increase your exposure and develop a relationship with your customers it would be best if you did a health and beauty expo 1-2 times a year. Also have a system on your stand where you are able to collect people’s data so you can build your database.

What is the return policy for products?
We have a 100% money back guarantee within 14 days of purchase. If customers have an allergy or any other problem with products then we are happy to return. To avoid a high return rate it is important that your sales staff is well-trained and able to recommend the right products to your customers.

Always ask customers if they have an allergy to perfumes or chemicals to lower your return rate. If any customers have an allergy ensure you recommend products that are suitable for sensitive skin.

The products most likely to cause allergies are the whitening products, fade out cream and sun block. Our new catalogue will have a chart telling customers which products are allergy-free.

How will I know what the key selling points are for each product?
We will supply you will product catalogues and documents outlining what the key selling points are for each product. It is also important that you are well trained in all our product range and try using the products yourself.

Do you plan to develop Re-Birth?
Re-Birth has three series of products. Original, Dare to Change and Maximum. We plan to redevelop the Original range and plan to improve the eye, body and face wash. We will advise you of any product changes and developments we make.

Within our Dare to Change range we now have three products – lanolin, placenta and emu. These products are simular to our Original range but they target a younger audience (18-25yrs) they also have a different fragrance.

What is the lead time for orders? How do you export products and what is the cost?
The best lead time for placing orders is two months in advance. Usually we can send products within the week but it depends on the quantity. If the order is only small delivery  it can take up to 30 days. In order to save costs it is best to send stock by sea freight and order at least 30 days in advance.

The cost of freight varies but generally it is between AUD $400-$500 for each order. The best way to lower your costs is to place larger orders.

What is the best way to monitor our orders?
The best way to monitor stock is to use an accounting program. You will be able to check your report every 15-30 days. It will also be good to produce a monthly turn over report so you know how much stock is sold per month.

What is the best way to manage our warehouse?
Your warehouse should not be too hot; it should always be lower than 30C. If the temperature is over 35C it can damage your products by changing their colour and causing them to evaporate. Also never expose products to direct sunlight.

The shelf life of products is usually three (3) years, please ensure that the shelf life of your products is over 24 months. It is important that you check expiry dates every month. If you would like to get rid of stock that is about to expire it is best to have a promotion with those products.

If any of the products change colour or evaporate please report this to Lanopearl head-office immediately.

How do we ensure that we stay profitable?
To ensure your business stays profitable it is vital that you hire a good accountant. Also do a monthly profit and loss statement to monitor your company’s financial performance. Also monitor and track your operating costs.

What credit term should I give to customer?
Our credit terms are usually 30 days but for our very good customers we offer up to 90 days. It is also vital that you ask customers to complete a credit application form to check their credit history.

How can I ensure I don’t have problems with customers not paying?
To ensure you don’t have a problem with customers not paying it is always important that you check their credit rating. Also ask for a deposit in advance and offer a 3-5% discount for early payment.

What makes Lanopearl’s Touch & Young serum so highly recommended?
Lanopearl’s Touch & Young serum is a new skin care product from our Bio peak series range of products. It has 15% placenta and is targeted to a younger audience aged 25-35years. It is cheaper than Lanopearl’s bio peak serum which has 45% placenta.

We also have new product Bio peak : bio PHD = 60% placenta this premium product is targeted to an older audience of 45 years and over ( P=placenta, H =herbs, D = DNA )

Does Lanopearl still have its acne cream?
Lanopearl is currently improving the packaging for our acne cream. We recommend that you wait six months when the new packaging will be available.

Is Rebirth Eye Gel and Lanopearl eye defying care the same?
Of these two the Rebirth eye gel is lighter and better. If you stock the Rebirth cream you don’t need to stock the Lanopearl eye defying cream.

What is Lanopearl’s Placentex Detox cream? Is Rebirth EMU equivalent to it?
Placentex is a new series of products from the Lanopearl brand. This formulation is very popular and contains placenta, herbs and vitamin A,C,E. It will be available in the market in the next six months.

What is so special about Pentamax Gold Serum?
The Pentamax Gold Serum is a luxury product that contains real gold flakes. It is also very light and perfect for oily skin. It is a premium product within our Australian skin care and anti ageing products.

Which product do you recommend we stock – Bio Peak day & night cream or Mt.Retour face cream?
We recommend you stock both Bio peak and Mt.Retour. Bio peak contains the highest botanicals in the world. Mt.Retour is also a good brand as it is certified organic and is ideal for sensitive skin and people with allergies.

What is Bio Peak eye repair cream? Should we stock this cream?
Bio Peak eye repair cream has vitamin K which is good for reducing dark spots around the eyes. It is also part of the bio peak gift set (day, night and eye creams) which is a popular gift for Mother’s Day and other special occasions.

What is Lanopearl Bio PHD Skin serum?
The Lanopearl Bio PHD skin serum contains 60% placenta, herbs and DNA it is ideal for women aged 45 years and over. This cream will be available in two months.

Which are the best products to import?
We recommend the following products as they are very popular and have had very good reviews.

- Life spring cream LC 01, LC 02
- Rebirth original &dare to change RB02,03,04,05,14 RD02,03
- Rebirth Maximum RM01,02,05 Mt retour MR 30,31,32,33, + new items ( shampoo & shower gel)
- RB ? Rebirth placenta 30g (new)
- Lanopearl active LA06,07,08,09,10,11,16,17,21,22,23 21 =Placenta herbal complex 22=Emu whitening complex 23 =south - sea pearl cream (new)
- Bio peak LB01,02,04,05,06,11,13 Mt retour certify organic aroma RM 01,02,03,04,06,08 For burner
- Lanopearl Placentex LX03 or LX01 ( 03 sell>01)
** We recommend that you request a sample of each product to try before you order

What brands do you have and what are their target audience?
We have four (4) brands for skin care that are each targeted to a different market, Mt Retour (Organic), luxury group, price $15-60 market. It is stocked in day spas & and high end department stores (competitor brand : Jurlique)

Lanopearl (highest herbal cream - focus bio peak series), premium group, price $10-$50. They are stocked in department stores (competitor brand -Clinique) Lanopearl price is lower than big brand.

Rebirth (placenta expert & and baby). This is an economical brand for price-sensitive customer, price $3-18. It is stocked in chemist/Boots (competitor brand – L’Oreal)

Life Spring Cream this is an affordable brand for the mass market, price $2-6. This is stocked in discount stores for the tourist market e.g. Watson, Seven eleven.

How do I know which brand will work in my country?
Every brand in our range is different and very unique, for example our placenta cream is ideal for the Asian market. We advice that you call us to discuss which products we believe would suit your market.

How often do you change your products?
We are constantly improving and developing our formulations and packaging. With some products we reformulate every 6-12months. This is why customer feedback is so valuable as it helps us to constantly improve our products.

Why do your aromatherapy products have a different expiry date?
Essential oils are the most stable oil because they are 100% and can last a very long time (more than 5 years). It depends on the quality of the oil and if it is 100% pure, generally tea tree and eucalyptus oil lasts long. Although oils that are blended with jojoba oil like rose and chamomile don’t last as long.

There is no rule to print expiry dates on aromatherapy products in Australia but for export we usually put the expiry date. Please confirm if you would like us to print the expiry date on your products.