Benefiting from the natural resources found abundantly in Australia, we started our company in 1993 developing and promoting health and beauty products. Our brands include Mt. Retour Certified Organic, Lanopearl Bio PEAK Skin Care, Rebirth Skin Care, Life Spring Vitamins and Lamusco Vitamins.

We focus on producing natural high-quality products for the Australian and international market. We export to 30 countries around the globe and are a leading brand in Asia. We have also established our successful chain of Life Spring Health Food Stores.

Our holistic approach to health and beauty has been a guiding force at Lanopearl. Our health and Australian skin care products cover every aspect of health and wellbeing from massage oils to aromatherapy. Our company follows The Triangle of Life philosophy where we believe wellbeing is a combination of happiness, love and health.

Since 1993 Lanopearl has established itself as a leading Australian skin care company focused on manufacturing and distributing high quality skin care, anti-aging and vitamin products. It combines the newest technology with the most potent herbal extracts to create our next generation of health and skin care products.