Touch & Young Skin Serum
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99.90 customer satisfaction

Sensitive Skin Serum (LB41) 25mL

• Most popular product with very good customer feedback
• 45% Concentrated Placental Extracts (work very effectively)
• Smaller molecule than the skin pore (less than 100 micron) absorbs into the skin very fast
• Helps to reduce wrinkles and dark spots on the face within two (2) weeks
• Easy to use: 5 drops on T, U Zone (Forehead, left and right cheeks, nose and chin)


Ingredients / Active Ingredients
Cyclomethicones, Sheep Placental Extract, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate

After cleansing face, towel dry and gently massage a few drops of Lanopearl Nurturing Sensitive Skin Serum on face and neck. Concentrate on areas prone to fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. Leave for one (1) minute and follow with Lanopearl BIO PEAKTM range.Use twice daily.

Director Comments
Because I have very dry and sensitive skin I find this serum is very good and hydrating for my skin. The reason why this serum is so effective is that the oil is smaller than our pores and absorbs easily. I know that not every product is 100% perfect but I believe this product is up there.

Also because this serum contains natural ingredients not only does it moisturise but it helps to nourish the skin. Our serum helps combat ageing although I think the biggest problem in ageing us is stress and worry. This is why we promote the Triangle of Life philosophy where our health and wellbeing is made up of happiness, love and health.